How to read already deleted whatsapp messages?

Welcome back today I'm going to show you how to read deleted messages on whatsapp you guys seem to love my whatsapp videos so I'll have more linked in the class in case you want to check them out but let's get into it so first up you're gonna head over to the Play Store and in the search bar type in note e save it should be roughly the first option available and this is what the icon looks like just slam that it's told button and when it's installed click on open once you've opened up the app you're gonna want to make sure you click allow' and in the settings section here you are allowing no to save access to your notifications so toggle that on and then of course just read the Terms & Conditions because you are giving them access to your notifications then allow it access to your files and media then in this section over here you are going to want to toggle on all of these applications and then toggle them off again because we don't want this app to block all incoming notifications and then setting up the app 

that's gonna allow you to read deleted messages is complete okay for example let's just say your crush is messaging you and he's like oh I've been wanting to take you out for a while now on a date and I really dig you and you get the message but you don't see it he chickens out and deletes the message you open up your whatsapp and go ah there's a deleted message well here is how you see exactly what your crush actually said head on over to the nosey safe app that you downloaded click on this whatsapp section and then you'll see a little chat window from your crush and right in here that is the deleted message that you didn't see guys how epic is that so normally when you read a message in Whatsapp the other person will get a blue tick to show you reddit and the tick stays gray if you don't read it well because notice ain't actually saves notifications if someone sends you a what up and you go straight into the no to save app you'll be able to find that message and read the entire thing and the other person will only see gracious and then finally the last thing you can do with a note to save app is save these deleted messages and conversations it's really awesome and all you do is you simply click and hold down on the person's chat and then you will see this little icon in the top right-hand corner if we slam that download icon it'll ask where you would like the track to be saved or if you'd like to share a link to this chat and here I'm just saving it in my Google Drive and then here is also another way you can save this chat just by simply clicking those three dots and clicking exports and yet like I said you can save it to your drive you can share this as a link or you can put it in one of your secure folders so no one can ever ever find it guys always remember to use this app with integrity and think before you text because you never know who could be reading your deleted messages.

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