How To Recover Data Files from Corrupted USB and Memory Card?

How to recover lost files from USB flash drive USB flash drive is commonly used in our daily life. It is a good backup device and convenient removable storage device. We often store our important data files like photos, music, audio and other document files in USB flash drive because of its small size, large capacity and convenient storage. 

But some unexpected situations may cause your data loss in USB drive, such as accidental 

deletion, formatting USB, USB got corrupted/damaged, USB becomes inaccessible, virus attack, etc. If data is lost from USB flash drive, will it recover? 

The answer is“Yes”. 

Because all your data still store on the USB if you do not save any new data on it. And Recoverit can help you to get your data back from USB drive. You can download the software for free at And link is in the description. 

Aright, let's get started to see how it works! Let’s connect the USB drive to the computer first and start the recovery process.

Step 1: Select “External Devices Recovery” option and click “Next” icon;

Step 2: Select the detected USB and click “Start” to next; 

Step 3: It will take a while to scan the USB flash drive; 

Step 4: Once the scan completed, or when you find your lost files but the scanning process has not completed yet, you can stop the scanning process, and then preview the files, click "Recover" button to retrieve files back once confirmed. Moreover, if you can’t find the deleted files from the quick scan, there is a more powerful option for you. Try “All-Around Recovery” mode. It can deeply scan the USB flash drive and search more files. That’s really easy to use! And it definitely retrieved the files back. So, don’t worry if you accidently lost your data. Recover it can help you get them back. 

However, if you don’t want to pass through any USB drive recovering experience or whatsoever, there are some preventive measures you could take to keep your devices safe. 

So today we also want to share some useful tips to keep your USB drive safe. 

Tip 1: Make sure you are plugging your USB drive only in a safe computer. Make sure the system is secured and up to date. Because some systems are carrying multiple viruses that could end up braking your USB drive you have just plugged in a hurry. 

Tip 2: Maintain a Routine Scanning of Devices. If you need to delete everything on it, and don't forget to scan it for errors. Also, it is important to keep an up to date antivirus software, so you'll get noticed immediately when your USB drive gets infected. 

Tip 3: Using Encrypted Drives. Why not encrypt your flash drive, so whenever it gets plugged in, your password pops up? I can’t think of a better way for keeping data from unauthorized people that may want to use your USB drive without permission. 

Tip 4: Make a habit of ejecting the USB flash drive through the ‘safely remove' option. Do not simply pull out the flash drive as this is one the most common ways of your flash drive becoming corrupted. 

Tip 5: Store your USB flash drive in stable weather conditions. Do not have them exposed to great heat or cold. The easiest way to a corrupted flash drive is not having any consideration for its hardware. 

Hope these tips can be helpful for you.

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