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Hi everyone this is Larry welcome back to today I feel like calm today I want to show you guys a free 100% free legal app in the Iowas app store that's gonna give you free cable TV free movie free sports free everything let's go check it out okay so here we are on the iPad and this is gonna work on both your iPhone and your iPad and let me show you guys the app it's fantastic let's go ahead and open it up it is called live player so let's get that opened up and you'll see there it says live player professional streaming now in order to watch this if you first open it up and you just get a blank screen like this just swipe over from the right and you will see a little a little side menu pop up there and you'll see two tabs on top that say local and live make sure that it's on live and then just go ahead and type in the in the search tap in the search window there and now we're gonna go ahead and just start looking for a channel so I'm going to type in HBO and we'll click HBO and you'll see right there it's gonna bring open all these HBO's that are available for me to watch so I'll go ahead and click something like this first one there and I'll hit the play button and it's gonna say searching for the media stream it'll take just a few moments for this to buffer and then start playing and if you get something like this it says oops can't connect then just go ahead and go back and move to the next one there so we'll hit play and you'll see there it says connecting and you may get a little message like this just click later and then right there boom you were watching you're able to enjoy the app now you might get some ads in there because it is a free version if you pay for the pro version you get rid of the ads and once the ads are over you can go back into your list there and you can look for a different channel if you want so we'll click on say Showtime and we'll go ahead and search for that and we'll see there is a bunch of Showtime channels available for us so we can go ahead and click on something that we want to watch and hit play and you'll see there it says connecting so it'll take just a few moments and there we go it is loaded up and we can start watching the content so it's really just that easy there's all kinds of great sports in here as well so if you want to watch something like the NBA just go ahead and click MBA and click search and then you can go ahead and just click on one of the options there and hit play and you'll see there they'll say connecting will hit the later on the premium features and we'll wait for this to buffer and start playing and there we go it loads up and you can start watching the game so it's just that easy to get all kinds of free content on there and you could check whatever channels you want so if you just want to check any of your channels like FX or something just go ahead and type it in and look for it if you want to look for something like you know I don't know NBC type in NBC there you go it loads up so there's all kinds of great content in this app it's fantastic it's it's absolutely free there is a pro version if you want to get rid of the ads but if not you just want to use the free version that is available to you and you can get all kinds of great content and this is available 100% legally through the app store alright so in order to get this app it's very very easy and quick just simply go to your iOS App Store and open it up and then right there from the search window just click in the search thing and type in live player so we're gonna go ahead and type in live player and Boop's spelled that wrong so let's - live player there and hit that and there you go you can see where it says live player media streaming right there you can go ahead and get that it is a free app again like I said there are in-app purchases so if you want to pay for the in-app purchases you can do that to get rid of the ads otherwise you can use the ad free version on either your iPhone or your iPad and enjoy it alright so there you have it that is it that is a look at live player the app now this is available in the iOS App Store absolutely free and it's a legal download so you can get it and then you can find all the movie channels that you want all your sports channels you can find movies there's even adult content in there if you guys want to watch that too there's a little bit of everything in there and it's all free.

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