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Name: How to speak English easily step by step
No, the video is called how to speak English fast.
But do you really need to speak English fast? Let me tell you something.
Sometimes we think that native speakers speak fast. And this is why they sound so natural.
In reality, they don't speak fast, they just connect all the words together. And instead of splitting them up, which sounds a little kind of slower, they just put them all together as if one sentence is one big word, they emit some syllables, they add some new sounds. And this is why they sound the way they sound. And sometimes, it's hard for us to understand them just because they don't split up words. And we think that they're just speaking too fast. In reality, they're not today, I'm going to teach you this technique. I'm going to teach you how native speakers do it. So you can do it to sound more native, and so that you understand the mechanics behind kind of faster speaking. So you can understand native speakers.
For example, you see a phrase, what do you do, for example, in a sentence, what do you do? But Americans would never say like this, what do you do? They say, what do you do? What do you do?
What do you do?
So this speed, the pace is kind of the same? It's just connecting everything. What do you do? And if you don't know the way they do, you're like, what was that? another phrase? I am going to do some shopping what Americans would say, they'll say, I'm gonna do some shopping. Again, not I'm going to I'm gonna do again, they've connected something that actually paraphrased a little. Get some water, you want some? And some Americans would even say, I'm just shopping.
This is like the very, very contracted version of it. So what Americans do, they take those smaller words, and they pronounce them in a way that is easier for them? in daily speech, for example, Article of the is pronounced like the what's the weather today? So they don't say, what's the weather today? They say, What's what? Do they say? What's the weather like today? So let's start because easier? Oh, what about the weather report? You sometimes sound like Yeah. Do you want to go for a walk? Again? Do you want to go for a walk? sounds as if you just started learning English? Do you want to go for a walk? Sounds closer to being a native speaker? And another thing that you might have noticed when we say, what do we have T at the end of the word What? And we have d? At the beginning of the word? Do we kind of invent a new sound here? Instead of saying, what do you do we say what you do. So there is a sound cheer, which appears in the middle? Again, this is a way to make your speech smoother. And this is what all native speakers do.
For example, what do you do for a living? What do you do for a living? To make this even clearer for you? I'm going to read a sentence out loud The first time I read it, I'm going to read it as a student. The second time I read it, I would try to read it as a native speaker. Let's do it. I am going to go out to Walmart. Do you need anything? I'm going to go to Walmart, Do you need anything again I replaced I'm going to with I'm gonna go to Walmart. And I've connected Walmart with Do we have a word that ends with T and we have a word with that begins with D. So I'm going to go to Walmart junaidi thing. And there's this chip that appeared in the middle.
The next word is a little confusing. I know especially when you hear this first in a native speaker speech, something they say something. I don't know why this appears is just the way the language evolves when people speak it. But can you give me something? This is sometimes what native speakers say? Which is correct. Don't be confused. It's just the same as something.
The next race let me give me something the Americans would say let me give you something. So they just admit the letter T and you get let me get you something.
Let me give you something. in American English. If you have a letter T in the middle of a word, sometimes you pronounce it as D letter, letter because it's faster because it's a smoother city, you know, say city, city. It's like DNR city bitter. And it sounds a little British. So in Great Britain, they would say so bitter. in American English, they say bitter, bitter. Let me give you some more examples. Bottle, bottle, butter, butter, computer, computer, I can't even say it with the T computer, computer, computer, daughter, daughter 8080 4040.
Little, little settle, settle 3030. You see this T converts to D all the time. As you notice, it's even unnatural for me to say little 30 just because I'm so used to, you know, insert D instead of t, this would come automatically, not automatically, automatically to you guys. When you practice this is first the way to speak faster. Second, this is the way to speak more naturally. And third, this is an easier way to understand native speakers because you now know.

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