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Name: Functions of keyboards in Total Commander
Functions of the keyboard keys in the Total Commander program CTRL+PgDn Open the directory and archives CTRL+(/) Open the directory or archive in the adjacent window.


CTRL+F1 Show only the name of the file CTRL+F2 Show full information about the file CTRL+SHIFT+F2 View comments (Ctrl+Comment) CTRL+F3 Sort by file name CTRL +F4 Sort by file extension CTRL+F5 Sort by file time CTRL+F6 Sort by file size CTRL+F7 Unordered list of files CTRL+F8 Output directory structure CTRL+F9 Print file CTRL+F10 All show files CTRL+F11 Show only programs CTRL+F12 Show files matching user template TAB Switch from one panel to another INSERT Select file or directory ALT+ENTER View properties window.

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