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1) Every person in the world is a unique, classic work. In fact, it is impossible to meet two people whose fingerprints exactly match each other.

2) At rest, a person breathes 12-20 times a minute and consumes 400 liters of oxygen.

3) Man is the only creature that can draw a straight line.

4) The length of human hair is 725 kilometers.

5) Beards of white-haired people grow faster than those of black-haired people.

6) When a person laughs, 17 muscles are activated.

7) The most contagious disease is yawning.

8) Human DNA consists of 80,000 genes.

9) Men are considered small if they are below 130 cm, and women below 120 cm.

10) The average weight of the human heart is 260 g in men and 253 g in women. The heart of a newborn baby weighs around 18-20 g.

11) There is no person in the world who does not like praise.

12) Each human finger bends approximately 25 million times during its lifetime.

13) The size of a human heart is equal to his fist. and its weight is 220-260 grams in an average person.

14) The human body contains only 4 types of minerals: apatite, aragonite, calcite, and cristobalite.

15) The human brain produces more electrical impulses than all the phones in the world ring.

16) Under the influence of strong light, the human eye becomes dim, this is called cave blindness.

17) The total weight of bacteria living in the human body is 2 kilograms.

18) 100,000 chemical reactions are observed in the human brain in one minute.

19) Babies are born without kneecaps. They appear in 2-6 years.

20) If you connect all the veins in the human body, it will be 100,000 to 160,000 kilometers long.

21) When a person is born, the number of cells in the brain is about 14 billion. This number does not increase until the end of life, on the contrary, after the age of 25, it decreases to 100,000 units per day. On average, 70 cells in the brain die when reading a book for one minute. After the age of 40, a huge change is observed in the brain, the loss increases dramatically. Neurons (nerve cells) begin to dry out and the size of the brain shrinks.

22) The length of the human small intestine grows up to 2.5 meters during its lifetime. when the eye is closed, its small intestine stretches up to 6 meters due to muscle relaxation.

23) Humans have more than 2 million sweat glands. A liter of sweat from a middle-aged person loses 540 Kcal. Men lose 40% more sweat than women.

24) There is more air in the right lung of a person than in the left.

25) Adults breathe about 23,000 times a day.

26) A woman's body produces about 7 million egg cells during her lifetime.

27) The human eye can distinguish more than 10,000,000 colors.

28) About 40,000 bacteria live in the human mouth. 29) Papaphobia is a disease of fear of the Pope.

30) It is impossible to sneeze with open eyes.

31) The human spine is made up of 33 or 34 pieces of bones.

32) Women are 2 times more prone to acne than men.

33) The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

34) There are about 2000 taste receptors in the human body.

35) In Mesopotamia, if a doctor's client died, that doctor was also executed. If he lost his sight, they also blinded him.

36) A newborn baby has 300 bones. As an adult, the number of bones is only 206.

37) The amount of fat in the human body is enough to produce seven bars of soap.

38) Nervous tissue in the human body has a conductivity of 90 meters per second.

39) Hair is 5,000 times thicker than a soap bubble.

40) In a year, the human heart beats 36,800,000 times.

41) Equal half of human bones are located in wrists and heels.

42) Medieval doctors used syphilis as an excuse when they hesitated to make a diagnosis.

43) Blue-eyed people are more sensitive to others.

44) Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails.

45) Human skin is renewed 1,000 times during its lifetime.

46) There are more than 100 types of viruses that cause influenza.

47) The length of nerve vessels in the body of an adult is 75 kilometers.

48) Half of the citizens of bulimia suffered from anorexia.

49) 60% of the human body consists of liquid.

50) 50% of human bones consist of water.

51) Men have stronger powers of observation than women.

52) Women have stronger telepathy than men.

53) Human activity is controlled not by consciousness, but by subconscious information.

54) There is not a single person in the world who does not need love.

55) The culmination of fear in a person leads to bravery.

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