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PKDownload - Dcms-Social v2.2 beta
Name: Dcms-Social v2.2 beta
1 - Added the ability to clear the list of notifications.
2 - A ban on viewing files from the inc folders (personal files, discussions, feed) is set
3 - The ulcers in user/info / edit.php are closed and the code is completely rewritten.
4 - Now the buttons to clear notifications, discussions, and feed are not active until they do not have any notification of the
discussion or feed.
5 - Added a sсript for transferring points.
6 - Fixed a bug in the anti-mat - with a short message, when creating a topic on the forum, an error got out.
7 - Removed the button to mark everything as read. New events are sorted by time.
8 - Fixed bugs with displaying an avatar in the list of users and in new messages.
9 - Added a class for working with time. If you go into a correspondence with a user, under the message input field, there
will be a display of the time when the user was on the site or he is now online. If F - was online, if M - was online.
10 - removed the request for new guests from the wap.php file. New guests have been moved to sys/fnc / aut.php.
It is displayed as a clickable icon with a counter.
11 - Fixed a bug with clearing the guest list. Now the "Clear guest list" button disappears after clearing the entire list.
12 - New avatars
1) If the user does not have an avatar installed, then the first
letter of the nickname is displayed, if the avka is then avka, everything is round.
2) The display of the letter is case-insensitive, that is - Regardless
of the capital letter, it will always be capitalized (it will not spoil the markup)
2) Bottom border
a) Guys - blue
b) Girls - pink
3) Right border
a) Online - red
b) Offline - gray
13 - Changed online display on the main page. Guests removed and moved to online.php
14 - Links to page and exit, the exit button has been moved to the top panel.
Added: 8 Oct 2021 - 09:09
Size: 1879.59Kb
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