Thu 2 December 2021 . 23:12:54
PKDownload - Dcms Social v2.3 beta
Name: Dcms Social v2.3 beta.
1 - Added a blacklist sсript
2 - Added an Anti-flood (Chelsik95) sсript
2 - Fixed a bug in avatars. For girls without an avatar, the lower border was blue,
now pink. (Blue is displayed for guys)
3 - Removed the request for new ratings from the file wap.php Moved grades to sys / fnc / aut.php.
It is displayed as a clickable icon with a counter.
4 - Removed system update and version checker class.
5 - The umenu.php file has been deleted. The link to the avatar of the transfer to the personal page.
The rest of the items are in the settings.
6 - Fixed the display of the avatar in the comments to the photo.
7 - Fixed a bug in the plugin wall. It was possible to answer yourself.
Fixed bug in go.php (Remained request from old rekl tabla)
Fixed a bug in reg.php (the POST data did not receive the reg_nick field)
Fixed a bug in discussions (If, for example, there was a comment on the photo, and the photo was deleted,
then the comment counter was hanging)
8 - The online function was removed (displayed a gif next to the nickname )
Added: 8 Oct 2021 - 09:23
Size: 1880Kb
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